Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Beer on Board

Whenever I have the delight of using the train network I am always surprised at the number of businessmen that are drinking a solitary can of beer on the train. This might not sound that bizarre but there is something about seeing a man in a suit board, sit down, open his suitcase, take out a single can of stella and start drinking it creates a few questions for me.

Where did he buy one can of beer from? Did he pack it in his case in the morning? Is the can not warm having sat in his case all day?

This led me thinking to affinity marketing opportunitities. Please bear with me.

I believe that there are now three free papers available in the London area, the Metro, the LondonLite and the LondonPaper. These papers all rely on advertising to fund their print and overheads and one assumes a profit. Now how about offering a free can of cold beer if you have tokens from all five papers throughout the week?

I'm sure it's not just me - see how many you see?

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