Monday, 12 May 2008

How to Break the Internet

I am a big fan of anything involving controversial comedian Chris Morris. One of the less noted achievements on his CV is the Channel4 series "The IT Crowd". it A comic depiction of the unusual goings on in a disfunctional IT department,
it is one of my favourite sitcoms.

It stars Katherine Parkinson as Jen, an ambitious corporate go-getter determined to climb the career ladder at Renholm Industries. Through some confusion she is allocated as the manager of the IT department with a oafish Irishman, Roy (Chris O'Donnell) and ubergeek Moss (Richard Ayoade).

There are occasional appearances from Noel Fielding who plays mysterious Richmond and the legendary Chris Morris playing Renholm, an over the top David Brent character.

In this scene, Jen, who knows nothing about computers, explains how her colleagues have instructed her to warn the management team at Renholm Industries of a serious threat to internet security.

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