Thursday, 19 June 2008

Going through the Change

Over the next few months, I will be making some changes to this blog. I shall be improving the content and navigation, including a few new widgets and hopefully moving away from the standard Blogger template (No offence Rounders!)

Perhaps the biggest change has already occurred. I have now renamed the blog and moved it to a more appropriate URL. Here are the reasons why:

1. Initially I started this website as a storage place for the various thoughts and ideas that I have about the world in general. Initial posts such as Beer on Board
and Building Local Relationships were about missed marketing opportunities that I noticed in every day life.

In time however the subject matter has inadvertently skewed towards my specialist subject, online marketing. Whether it be expressing opinions on the Google trademark policy to forecasting the End of Facebook the majority of my previous posts, are online marketing orientated. It turns out that I am more of an online marketing geek than I had originally considered.

As anyone involved in SEM knows, a page title and URL that contains the your target keyphrases is fundamental to achieving a good ranking. Perhaps the best example of this is Cheap Flights. My initial objective was to achieve number one ranking in Google for my name. Having achieved this, I am now keen to undertake a new challenge by aiming to get this site in front of a larger audience.

To clarify, this is still a small blog. With less than 50 pages in total at the moment it is a mere spec on the blogospere. I have a demanding full time job, play sport at a competitive level and do have some life outside of the internet! In short, this is a not a small challenge.

3. I will now be using this site to conduct various experiments. Whilst it is possible to understand online marketing from the large amount of resource available on the web, nothing beats hands on experience. Therefore, I will be experimenting with various theories and trying to prove or disprove online marketing hypothesis, with a view to utilising my findings in a professional capacity. For example, I am tracking my ranking on a number of keywords after changing my URL.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it should be noted that the views and opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not represent those of any company I work for. There is no hidden agenda.

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JT said...

Think this is a good move for you. I've been wondering why you kept your old URL for so long. This makes much more sense.