Sunday, 13 July 2008

Dance Energy

The lack of efficiency inherent in marketing frustrates me on a daily basis. Why do I receive free papers that I never read, let alone look at the adverts? Why do publishers send me copies of irrelevant free magazines that I merely recycle? Why do I have to see TV adverts for things I am never going to buy? This is inefficient and a waste of money for the advertiser.

I am always very pleased to see examples of efficiency
best practice whether they be in a marketing context or not. Therefore, when I read about eco-disco Surya this weekend I was understandably impressed.

Surya is the brainchild of self-proclaimed Dr. Earth, Andrew Charalambou. The nightclub features wind turbines, minimal water usage and recycling stations at various points. The most impressive thing however, is that the whole thing is powered by the kinetic energy created by clubbers bopping away on the dance floor. It's all down to piezoelectricity, which is basically the creation of an electric charge from
quartz crystals rubbing together.

It's a unique and brilliant concept. The dancers generate the power required to play the the music they are dancing to. There is no wastage. It's super efficient.

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