Thursday, 10 July 2008

Inspiration Anyone?

Microsoft have never been shy about expressing their intentions to acquire a greater share of digital advertising revenue. Considering their dominance of the market for operating systems digital revenue seems to be such natural fit

In order to unify previously disparate digital advertising functions, Microsoft created Digital Advertising Solutions (MDSA) was created in 2006. It's aim was to consolidate advertising via MSN, the Xbox, Windows Live and future Windows Mobile and IPTV. It was MDAS that recommended Microsoft strike a deal with social media giant Facebook and purchased in game advertising specialist Massive.

One of their earliest advertising campaigns, entitled "The Break Up" was designed with the intention to challenge advertisers to analyse their existing relationship with customers and how digital marketing could be used to transform and modernise this relationship.

The follow up video, "Inspiration Anyone?" takes the concept a bit further and examines how the opposition to adopting modern marketing is often embedded within the upper echelons of some organisations. Even within organisations with a high level of e-commerce adoption, digital marketers can still find it difficult to change the opinions of more traditional marketers and their classical methods.

A lack of in depth understanding is the key reason behind a reluctance to adopt modern marketing practices with words such as "integrated", "viral" and "Web 2.0" often banded around meaninglessly. It is the responsibility of digtial marketing managers to educate and prove the benefits of digital marketing in order to gain the required backing and budget to deliver business gain.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, thanks for this post.

I'm happy to announce that MDAS is no more (It was not a very glamourous brand name). It's now "Microsoft Advertising