Friday, 27 November 2009

The Office Lasts Forever

I am a huge fan of the American Office. Now in its 5th season and 94th episode, a massive 80 more than the original UK masterpiece.

This historic episode was an undoubted pinnacle of the American series as after many years of procrastination, deliberation and obtactles, Jim (read UK Tim) and Pam (Dawn) finally got married. Whilst the audience were undoubtedly waiting for a last minute problem to scupper their big day, it was actually one of the most amazing TV wedding scenes ever witnessed and rivalled the conclusion to The Office UK's romantic conclusion.

Of course, this pays tribute to the biggest social media hit of the summer. The JK Wedding Dance. Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz digressed from the increasing tradition of comical wedding dances as the wedding party danced in turn down the aisle. Shared on Youtube so distant relatives could watch, the video has generated over 30million views in the three months since it was launched in July 2009 and enabled Jill and Kevin to join the growing list of online celebrities.

The video helped Chris Brown's soundtrack "Forever" to Number 1 in iTunes and number 3 in the Amazon download charts. Due to the controversy associated with the artist Jill and Kevin have set up a donation scheme for domestic abuse.

The Office video has no doubt sparked a refueled interest in the original JK sequence. It will be interesting to see if this mass exposure is capable of changing the deserved negative opinions of Chris Brown and once again start to buy his records.

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