Monday, 18 October 2010

Best Birthday!

It's always a strange experience having a birthday at work. The requirement to bring in cakes and treats to celebrate and the card that does the rounds in the office are just some of the traditions that need to be observed for an office birthday.

This year was my best ever work birthday. My colleagues really pushed the boat out with a custom made card, gifts, balloons, hats and a lunch time meal out at Tummies, the only good restaurant on the Slough trading estate.

All this effort more than made up for last year, my worst ever birthday at work, when being asked to sign a card for my colleagues birthday was the highlight of my day. I may have referred to this event over the past year!

During the lunch we held a competition to design a new tank top for me. The winning entry is a mathematical effort designed by Nisha Shah in Online Marketing. Congratulations Nisha, your free sims are in the post!!
Thanks to everyone for a great day!

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