Friday, 8 April 2011

Presenting Passion

The amount of training available in my new job is absolutely amazing but almost overwhelming. An early piece of advice I received was not to try and take in everything but to focus on the areas that will really make a difference in my job role and leave the cookery courses and sleep training to another day!

The blog has been quiet recently as there are naturally certain restrictions on what I am able to discuss in the public domain given my new position. I have to undertake a communications training course in order to be able to speak about matters relevant to online marketing! 

Yesterday however I attended a training course about creating and delivering presentations to large audiences. There are a number of presentation courses available in all organisations but I enjoyed this one as it focussed on a very simple yet effective methodology which I can easily align myself with as it underpins some of my own views.

I am a really keen presenter and continually look for opportunities to talk at conferences and lectures. I picked up some great tips yesterday, the biggest being to requirement to challenge oneself when presenting. Only by taking risks will we become better presenters. 

I was however reminded of this excellent and notorious sketch by comedian Don McMillan on the pitfalls of presenting using powerpoint. Until yesterday, this has always been the biggest influence on my presentation style.

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